Cockroach Pest Control

The cockroaches are the most common pests in the Romes, restaurants, hotels & offices. The treatment includes household pests like cockroaches, silvertish, red & black ants, Spiders. They not only contaminate food and utensils but along take active part in the spread of disease can using organisms leading to dysentery, diarrhea and salmonellosis (food poising). The cockroaches are positively linked to human allerens leading asthma.

TREATMENT: – STAR ONE COCKROACHES GEL Services provides total and effective control of cockroaches and other common household pests, this service the highly potent active ingredient is applied at all cockroach hideouts. This results in control of cockroaches & other pests & gives sustained relief. And the treatment is based on

The use of water base & Odourless chemicals with Advance Technology Gel-Treatment.

No need to vacant/close premises during our service.

American Cockroach

They are of red-brown color and are normally 3-4 cm long. They are most common among the cockroach species to be found in Singapore and are seen most often around houses, in cabinets, restaurants, grocery stores, sewers and rubbish chutes.

Oriental Cockroach

These cockroaches look similar to the American cockroach but they are darker brown in color. Oriental cockroaches also have yellow marks on their thorax. They generally are keener to feed on plant materials such as the leaf litter.

Australian Cockroach

They are darker brown in color with yellow markings on thorax. They generally feed on the plant materials such as a leaf litter. Well researched household pest control and biological pest control methods are required in order to get rid of these insects.

German Cockroach

These species of cockroaches unlike the American cockroach are amber-brown in color and are 1-2 cm long. They are smallest specie in cockroach of all. It does not fly and generally survive in warm and damp environments. They are found in kitchens.