Termite Pest Control

The termites are also called as ’White ants”. These are social insects living in a colony com prising Queen. king, workers and soldiers. Their basic food being anything containing cellulose, in search of food they gain entry into the buildings. Each termite colony has millions of individual members.They consume and damage all types of wood paper, hardboards, books, clothes etc. In search of food they also damage leather, rubber, electrical wire coatings, nylon, neoprene, thermocol pratica fly everything man cherish to own. They enter the buildings through foundation, expansion ints, lift wells, utility ducting such as electrical, telephone cables or tunneling through cracksin the wa Its. They also construct mud tubes for their movement, which is a first sign of presence of termites.Termites pose a major threat to our furniture. They feed voraciously on wood and are akin to destroy paper products such as book, cardboard, boxes and a whole array of other items. the total consideration on this fact enables us to speed up the process of insect control and get the best termite control. It is true that most of us insure our houses to help recover loss arising from fires, storms and earthquakes, but is it possible to carry insurance against termite infestation? A termite colony is large and well organized.

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites derive their name from their very source of existence. These kinds of termites generally establish themselves in wood that is not decayed, or in contact with the ground moisture.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are the most damaging species among termites. They require being in regular contact with moisture for their survival. Therefore, these termites most commonly nests underground and also has the capability to damage the timber foundations.